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Welcome to Polymers Direct Virgin Resin Spot Trading Depot. Below are actual virgin resin spot offers that are available for immediate sale from some of the world's largest virgin resin producers, distributors, and wholesalers. Additional information may be requested by clicking on the inquire link located to the right of each spot offer. If you are looking for something specific that you can not find in the Virgin Resin Spot Trading Depot, then please fill out our resin request for quote form with your exact specifications and we will locate it for you.

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ID Product Quantity Melt Density Adds Terms Price/lb
22 MI.
1 Rail Car22.918Near MissFOB Delivered$0.5400View
3547LLDPE - Inj
20 MI
4 Truckload Bags MI.918Gen Prime / In 25 KG. BagsFOB Delivered$0.5400View
3546LLDPE - Inj
21 MI
1 Rail Car21.9182.6% VAFOB Delivered$0.5300View
3542PP Copolymer
3 Mi
4 Truckload Boxes3-2 Izod VirginFOB Shipping$0.5750View
3541PP Copolymer
20 MI
1 Rail Car20-No Break PrimeFOB Delivered$0.5700View
3540LLDPE - Inj
20 MI
88,000 Pounds (lbs)20.920Virgin, IN 25 KG BagsFOB Shipping$0.5600View
2.1 MI
Multi Rail Car2.1-Prime 18% VA,FOB Delivered$0.0000View
3538HLMI Auction
8.9,5.9,9.0 HLMI
3 Rail Car8.9,5.9,9.0 HLMI.947,.945,.947Off grade Pellet Tails, 4261 AGFOB Delivered$0.0000View
3536PP Homopolymer
6 Mi
1 Rail Car6.6,6,7-0.2% EthyleneFOB Shipping$0.4000View
3535PP Copolymer
1 Rail Car6- YI - 4.4 , Izod 1.6 primeFOB Shipping$0.4900View
1.10,30 MI
12 Truckload Bags1,10,30-VA - 15,18, 28 % , 25KG BagsFOB Shipping$0.9700View
3531HDPE - Inj
35 MI
3 Rail Car35.953Gen PrimeFOB Shipping$0.6200View
3530HDPE-Blow Mold/Extrusion
2 Rail Car.35.955Prime 5502FOB Delivered$0.5000View
3529HDPE - Inj
3 Rail Car7.40.940Low on AO/UV additive Tri ModalFOB Shipping$0.5800View
3528LLDPE - Inj
20 MI
2 Rail Car20.922Near missFOB Delivered$0.5050View
3526HDPE - Inj
20 MI
2 Rail Car20.954Gen PrimeFOB Shipping$0.6200View
3525HDPE - Inj
8 Mi
Multiple Rail Car8.965Gen PrimeFOB Shipping$0.6200View
3524Polystyrene General
Multiple Rail Car3.5, 9.0, 13.5 -Prime GP, Add $.01 Lb High HeatFOB Delivered$0.8650View
3523Polypropylene General
Clarified Random Copolymer
All Rail CarAllAllPrime Clarified CopolymerFOB Shipping$0.8300View
3522Polypropylene General
All Rail CarAll-Homopolymer PrimeFOB Shipping$0.6800View
3519PP Copolymer
80 MI
1 Rail Car80-Clean Near Miss 2 IzodFOB Shipping$0.5400View
3518HLMI Auction
5.1 HLMI
4 Rail Car5.1 HLMI.950 Bi ModalPipe Grade, 340 Bk Specs /20 #FOB Shipping$0.0000View
25 Mi
2 Truckload Boxes25.918Good Clean /Photos AvailableFOB Shipping$0.6300View
3507GPPS Hi Heat
1.6 or 4.0 MFR
4 Rail Car1.6 or 4.0-Generic Prime Hi HeatFOB Shipping$0.9400View
3502Crystal Polystyrene
Various off grade
Multi Rail CarAll-Various off grade R/CFOB Delivered$0.6450View
220 *C
126,000 Pounds (lbs)220* C1380 KG/M36 / BK FOB Delivered$0.0000View
320 Melt Temp
54021 Pounds (lbs)320 0F1400 KG/M366 13% Glass / flame retardant/ BKFOB Delivered$0.0000View
.35 MI
4 Truckload Bags.35 SI.919High molecular WT / App GeomembraneFOB Shipping$0.6900View
4.80.@ 220 C
133,000 Pounds (lbs)4.8 MFR 220 C1.05Magnum 576 OG / Izod 7.2FOB Shipping$0.0000View
3494HDPE LDPE Auction
18.2 MI
1 Rail Car18.2.920Blended Extrusion Coating/ Silo DivertFOB Shipping$0.0000View
3493HDPE LDPE Auction
.35 / 33.8 HLMI
3 Rail Car.35 / 33.8 HLMI.953Sm Bk Specs / Blow Molding GradeFOB Shipping$0.0000View
3492HDPE Film Resins
.17 thru 2.15
6 Rail Car.17 thru 2.15.94 thru .958W/S Sm Bk Specs Make offerFOB Delivered$0.0000View
3490HDPE-Blow Mold/Extrusion
.7 MI
1 Rail Car.7.961PrimeFOB Delivered$0.5100View
2 Truckload Boxes6-Prime Lexan 103 / with certsFOB Shipping$2.7300View
3477Polyethylene General
All Rail CarALLALLDOW Prce+ $.07 FEB & MarFOB Delivered$0.0000View
.8 MI
2 Truckload Boxes.8.9191500/7500FOB Shipping$0.6800View
3473HDPE Pipe unimodal
.30 MI
On Going Rail Car.3.948Prime / Conduit gradeFOB Delivered$0.0000View
3472HDPE Pipe unimodal
..11 MI
On Going Rail Car.11 .944Prime PE 80 NSF 14FOB Delivered$0.0000View
3471HDPE Film Resins
On Going Rail Car.30.937Prime MMW HF 3728 T Shirt/Line Make offer rsFOB Delivered$0.0000View
,3 MI
On Going Rail Car.3.948Prime HP4525 Conduit pipe gradeFOB Delivered$0.0000View
11 & 12 MI Baystar
On Going Rail Car11 & 12 MI .951Film Draw down Resin PrimeFOB Shipping$0.5700View
3467HDPE Film Resins
,.04 or .07 MI
On Going Rail Car.04 to .07.949Prime BUTENE Bimodal/ T shirt etcFOB Delivered$0.7400View
3465Polystyrene General
Multiple Rail Car13- 3.0-3.5-8.0-Prime HIPS / Izod 1.6,1.8,2.4,1.7 Respectively FOB Delivered$0.9450View
12 Rail CarALL-Auction / Submit Specifications NeededFOB Delivered$0.0000View
3463K Resin
7.5 Mi
2 Truckload Boxes7.51.01KR03 / Make OfferFOB Shipping$0.0000View
3451PP Homopolymer
Multiple Rail CarALL-Near Miss Cars / Make offerFOB Shipping$0.4100View
Ellastolan 1195a010
10917 Pounds (lbs)210.710BASF Elastolan 1195a010FOB Delivered$2.4000View
3433Very Low Density PE
.92-1.14 MI
Multiple Pounds (lbs).92- Engage /Ongoing/ Del Port/Make offerFOB Shipping$0.0000View
7.1 & 15 MI
2 Rail Car7.1 & 15-Color Ok, Blue Tint/ InquireFOB Delivered$0.0000View
9.5 MI
60 MT Truckload Bags9.5..919Generoc PrimeFOB Shipping$0.7100View
3415HDPE Auction
Frac and HLMI Grades
14 Rail Car.33 to 9.9 .920 to 9.9 HLMI.945 thru .957Mk Offer. Some Tyvek CarsFOB Delivered$0.0000View
Multiple Rail Car10 HLMI.950Gen PrimeFOB Delivered$0.5600View
On Going Truckload Boxes16-18-VR-2020-112 W/S Molds ClearFOB Shipping$0.0000View
Various MFR
Multi Rail CarAll-Off gradeFOB Delivered$0.6450View
.3 MI
4 Truckload Bags.3.937TR130 / In BagsFOB Delivered$0.5500View
3309LDPE & LLDPE General
Multiple Rail CarALL-W/S Weekly Auction Submit BidsFOB Delivered$0.0000View
.80 to 2.0 MI
On Going Rail Car.80 to 2.0.916 to .920Prime Branded Butene,Hexene, L9FOB Delivered$0.7200View
2281Processing Aids and Waxes
On Going Truckload Boxes--9830 / Acid # 27-33FOB Shipping$1.4000View
2257TERMS Export
ALL Metric Ton--50 % With Order/ 50% against docsFOB Shipping$0.0000View
2255Export Container Rates
- Metric Ton--$2500/ Chennai / 40 daysFOB Delivered$0.0000View
108Processing Aids and Waxes
Oxidized HDPE
On Going Truckload Bags12 to 25.95 -.97Powder/ Acid Number 4-12FOB Shipping$1.5000View
107Processing Aids and Waxes
Oxidized Low Molecular Weight PE
2 Truckload BoxesPrill or Pellet.91 - .95Acid # 12 - 18 KOH/gFOB Delivered$1.5000View

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