Links, Specifications, and News

Links are provided as a convenience to our clients in searching the Internet for specifications and news for products that appear in our online order entry system. Links to other third party sites does not constitute an endorsement for the third party or their web site. Additionally, Polymers Direct is not responsible for the content displayed on third party web sites. Please contact us for any information that is not available via e-link. Recommendations for added sites are welcome, please contact us.

EXXON MOBIL CHEMICAL ExxonMobil Chemical is one of the world's largest petrochemical companies. This site provides useful information as well as product datasheets.

BASELL As one of the largest worldwide producers of polypropylene, polyolefins, and polyethylenes, Bassell's web site has a wealth of useful datasheets, and product information.

TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS USA Total Petrochemicals USA is a worldwide producer of polypropylene, polyethylene, styrenics, polystyrene, base chemicals, and transportation fuels.

CHEVRON PHILLIPS A top producer of olefins and polyolefins, Chevron Phillips provides in depth information and technical specifications for a variety of products.

INEOS Ineos produces HDPE resins. This site will provide you with specific product datasheets quickly and easily.

NOVA CHEMICALS The Nova Chemicals web site provides basic information about Ethylene, Polyethylene, Styrene, Styrenic Polymers, Co-products, and DDN Multi-coat resins.

CANADA PLASTICS MAGAZINE Canada Plastics Magazine is a good resource site for news and information relevant to the plastics and manufacturing industries.

PACKAGING TODAY MAGAZINE This web site is a research tool with various news, research, and information relative to the packaging and paper and plastics industries.