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Polymers Direct is your online commodity plastic resin supplier. We are a global distributor of branded prime, generic prime, and widespec commodity plastic resin. Polymers Direct is established in a unique relationship with some of the world's largest resin producers and their service contractors to bring you a wide selection of plastics including: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, GPPS, HIPS, HoPP, CoPP, as well as others.

As an industry innovator, Polymers Direct has developed this web site to serve as a virtual trading market for commodity plastic resin suppliers, vendors, and buyers. With a couple keystrokes and clicks of the mouse, you can access our real-time virtual inventory, place an order, or even list your inventory to be sold through our web site. There is no monthly fee to use this service. The goal of Polymers Direct is to reduce lag time from polymer needs to production.

So whether you are comparative shopping for resin, ordering resin, selling resin, or looking to establish a relationship with a trusted commodity plastic resin supplier, Polymers Direct can help you shorten your purchasing cycle and enhance your selling experience.

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